Salt Lake
As of July 14, 2014, Salt Lake Endoscopy center will be closing. As a valued patient, we wanted to inform you that your personal records are secure and your protected health information has been carefully stored electronically. In an effort to help patients access their records, please contact your physician directly associated with your care. For your convenience, physician names and office numbers have been included below. If you have questions regarding the closure of the business, please feel free to contact us by phone at 801-233-8233.

Dr. Kenneth Buchi - 801-233-8233

Dr. Uma Karnam - 801-563-5121

Dr. Peter Bossart - 801-408-5930

Dr. John Griffin and Dr. David Roe - 801-265-9139

Dr. Jason Wills - 801-263-3041

Dr. Kathleen Boyton - 801-581-7802

Dr. Brent Christensen - 801-408-7660

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